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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Oxelosund to Napoleanviken

August 25th 2008 (Michael Schupp, Simon & Sally)

We had left Birmingham early the previous afternoon and, thanks to Charlie, our most hospitable of marina managers, who met us at the airport, we were onboard by early evening. The forecast was fine for Monday with a front arriving later the next day so we decided on a early start. By 7am we were underway and under sail.

A warm NNE gave us a fine close reach at 7 to 8 knots out to the Landsort Peninsula where we took the unmarked passage to shave some miles off the route. After that progress was slower and we began to tack into the north easterly. The motor went on for the next 4 hours until we were able to turn north and ghost along in the gentle evening breeze for the last couple of hours to our anchorage.

Passing rocks and shallows we gingerly entered an idyllic anchorage. We anchored just short of Seewolf II in about 5 metres. Michael took advantage of the sunny evening and quickly donned his speedos and jumped overboard. He removed a small amount of weed from the log’s paddlewheel transducer and then splashed around saying how warm it was. Of course it wasn’t warm as Sally quickly found out when she followed him. Never has a swim been so brief!

Dave and Helen from Seewolf joined us for supper along with their guests Archie and Farilie. We ate very well as did the mosquitos.

Log 70 miles.