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Friday, 27 February 2009

Quite cold in Oxelosund

As you can see it's quite cold in Oxelosund at the moment.
Sally has been out there checking on the various works that have been done on the boat this winter.
  • New shelves are appearing in the aft and fore cabins.
  • A third version of the chart table seat is being designed and built with a new extension to the electricity fuse panel incorporated into it.
  • A local black smith has built us a lovely new stainless boarding ladder which replaces the original which was never fit for purpose.

  • The canvass sprayhood is being modified so that it folds down onto a bespoke glass and stainless windscreen. This will give us much better protection and forward visibility in rough weather. This particular project has been 18 months in gestation so it's a huge relief that it has finally been fitted today. We are axiously awaiting photos from the boat yard so that we can see what it looks like!
Launch day is April 29th and we sail for the Aland Islands and Finland in mid May. From there we will head down to Gdansk in Poland which will be Shimshal's home through June. Then from Gdansk we will head for the Danish Belts and another pause in northern Denmark through July. In August we will be bringing Shimshal back home to Traighuaine via the North Sea and the Caledonian Canal. I can't wait!