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Monday, 31 August 2009

Shimshal comes home to her new mooring at Traighuaine near Craobh Haven

Three summers in Scandinavia

The trip down from Appin to Craobh on Saturday the 30th August was a bouncy one accomplished by motor and by pointing dead into the wind and the seas. Whilst we crashed south the stupendous 85 foot Ketch, Velacarina, motored up behind us and pitched its exquisitely polished brass pulpit into the steep seas.

After 3 summers of delightful sailing in Scandinavia we dodged out of the squally seas into the calm of Cuan Sound and then threaded the islands of Loch Shuna to reach Shimshal's new mooring in the shallow bay just east of Craobh Haven.

The mooring itself seems to have been engineered to cope with extreme situations which is always reassuring but it meant that it was quite a struggle to pick up the heavy chain head line and make it fast in the stiff breeze.

After 5,000 miles Shimshal is now back in home waters having enjoyed a spectacular Scandinavian Odyssey.