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Monday, 25 May 2015

The Adventure Begins

It wasn't quite the voyage we had planned for May but, never the less, it was a significant journey for us as it represented the first faltering step in our long planned circumnavigation!

We had planned to move much further north last week but cool and wet north westerlies made us opt for the softer option which was final boat preparations in Ardfern marina by day and the luxuries of Traighuaine by night.

A lot of jobs got ticked off and a few new ones uncovered. The tally for the week was as follows:

1. New rolling working jib fitted which will be more suited to high latitudes than our very powerful Genoa. This is paired with an identical lighter weight jib for downwind sailing - the so called "simbo rig". Let's hope they get plenty of downwind use! For good measure we also have an asymmetric, storm jib and trisail. 

2. Bad leak discovered from calorifier so a new one was rapidly sourced from Aquafax. Fitting it wasn't quite so easy!

3. AIS transmitter fitted.

4. Bimini fitted ready for when we finally reach warmer climes!

5. Finally made on board wireless hub speak to on board router giving us long range wifi.

6. Repaired the bow thruster which I had expensively flooded last year.

7. Taken off all that we don't need and stowed all that we do need for a lengthy circumnavigation via high latitudes! Obviously this is a near impossible job but it feels like we have made a good fist of it for now!

8. Fitted wind generator but have, at some stage to redo the blades as I managed to put them on the wrong way round!

9. Fitted zip-on, high efficiency on solar panels to our Bimini. Very clever stuff!

10. Jordan Series Drogue now on board which we hope never to use. Still to cut the chain plates.

11. Smaller 4 man life raft ordered as our 8 man one is apparently now too old to service.

12. Flares, fire extinguishers and life jacket cylinders all replaced as all existing ones were miles out of date. Some new electronic rescue gizmos added to grab bag too.

13. Iridium GO installed to complement SSB and give us reliable access to ice reports.

14. New wind sensor fitted on radar pole as the mast head one was too high for the wireless instruments - this limitation was never mentioned when I bought this system.

On Saturday we brought her around to her mooring where she is waiting to head to the Faroe's next month and Iceland in July. Although the boat will be out of UK waters for many years we will still be working full time for the next year at least to pay for all this excess!

So a busy and not inexpensive week but finally it feels like we are ready to go. The adventure begins!

Simon & Sally