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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Heatwave at home - but not here!

They say there is a heat wave due at home but there is no sign of that here at 62 degrees north. Instead the rain is lashing down but we are snug in our bunks in Torshavn harbour. 

In fairness we did see the sun yesterday and glimpsed the island summits that had hitherto been shrouded in mist. Steep green islands rising from a blue sea. It was worth the wait but today we are back to grey sea, grey skies and grey mountain mist.

We are docked in the heart of Toshavn about 100 metres from the Prime Minister's house and Parliament building. There are plenty of cafes, shops and quaint streets to distract us from the weather until it's good enough to hire a car and explore further afield.

And there is always the boat jobs and these have been going rather well lately with many glitches fixing themselves! Here is a resume.

Bow thruster fixed. Turns out it was just a carelessly placed warp that was obstructing descent of the leg.

Navtex antenna fixed. When dismantled we found it full of water which can't have been good for the circuit board. All we did was dry it out and, much to everybody's amazement it worked.

Wheel clutch almost fitted. 

Wind generator fixed itself. It turns out it was working all along but we had been confused by the on/off switch which appears to mean the opposite to what you would normally expect. "On" means the break is on so the generator is off. Ho Hum!

It's back to base for the Tacktick wind sensor (third one) which worked faultlessly for a day or two and then died.

The Fischer Panda generator is also living up to its reputation and still refusing to start and I have started a dialogue with their tech support in the UK.

Anyway there is plenty to keep us occupied through the grey days!