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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Mist, rain and boat maintenance - arrival in the Faroe's

We sighted land 40 miles south of Suderoy and, almost immediately, Torshavn Radio came on the VHF with a new gale warning but we couldn't decipher where or when it was to strike.  Our lovely peaceful voyage was set to end in a roller coaster towards a lee shore - not great! Reefs were taken. After a few attempts we managed to get back to Torshavn Radio who had been monitoring our progress on AIS. They read out the full forecast for our area which was very helpful and good to know that a full gale was not bearing down on us.

The wind did go round to the east and rise a little but, importantly, the sea state left my crew asking, "what would folk like for supper?" which is always a good sign that sea sickness is not abroad! 

We slipped into our anchorage at around half past midnight and anchored to the west of a small island on the south side of the fjord giving shelter from wind and swell. As promised dinner was produced and eaten and we were in bed by 2am just as the wind started to rise and the rain came in.

Friday we spent safely anchored in blustery conditions but the rain and mist didn't tempt us out. Instead we tended to a host of boat jobs a few of which were successful but the rest left us frustrated. Here is what went well and what didn't:
Successfully interfaced the new AIS transmitter with our chart plotter 
Successfully replaced a broken shower tray pump
Successfully connected the boats wifi to a free shore station
The cooker's ignition appears to have mended itself
Discovered our generator isn't starting. Looks like the fuel solenoid may have failed.
Our wireless wind sensor (new) is no longer visible on the network despite working perfectly a couple of days ago!
The Navtex appears to have given up receiving messages so we are going to have to check out the antenna when the weather is more clement.
The bow thruster leg isn't descending which is another job for a dry day

So a grey start to our Faroe sojourn. Tomorrow we will be due some shire leave!