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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

All good and surging north

The northern cliffs of the Faroe's have now dropped below the horizon and we are surging at 8 knots north west in a perfect force 4 on the beam. We could be going quicker but Ronnie has succumbed to seasickness so we put some sail away to calm things down. Sally, however, is bright and has her belly intact which is a huge relief. The sun is out and we have the ocean to ourselves. 

Remarkably most of the fixes are working. Ray marine replaced the wind transducer fitted in May as it was full of water! So, for the first time in ages all our instruments are working I just hope that lasts.

I replaced the broken starboard Lopolight with a Hella one before we left Torshavn. The only trouble is the port Lopolight fitted last autumn has now also died. It's a good job the nights are short up here! Lopolight have alway been great at replacing duff units but the are so unreliable we are going to have to switch brands.

The firmware on the wireless router was updated by Digital Yachts and that seems to be working well.

The Dyneema shrouds on the wind generator have eliminated the vibration and we are in a neutral energy balance with just 14 knots of wind with minimal noise.

So all is good on board - for the time being at least!