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Friday, 31 July 2015

Arctic nights

The last time we crossed the Arctic Circle in Shimshal we kept the midnight sun being a month earlier in the year. This time the sun dipped below the horizon bathing the wonderful volcanic rocks of the Langanes  Peninsular in a warm glow. Then came a full moon and an icy breeze from the north west. 

We are now just 270 miles from the entrance of Scoresby Sound our hoped for cruising ground for next summer. The last ice chart we downloaded showed it to be still choked with ice so it will be out of bounds for us at least until July is finished next year.

This year, however we will duck south to explore the wilder and remoter parts of Iceland. So 63 degrees 30 minutes north will be our highest latitude. We couldn't have had a better evening voyage to it. A tad more wind in the right direction would have been appreciated!

To add the cherry to the gateau the compass has fixed itself and we have our autopilot back so the Arctic "night" watch is being done in the snug of the companion way.