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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Just 172 miles to Greenland!

At the point where this photo was taken we were just 172 miles from the nearest point on the Greenland coast. A brisk northerly wind, drizzle and mist had done their best to keep us in Isafjordur but once around the first major headland the wind died off, the clouds parted and we motored south into glittering sunshine. 

Two whales seen today in separate sightings. The first was a giant tail perpendicular to the water. The second was the long rolling porpoising of a whale approaching a bait ball.

What wind there is is coming from Greenland bringing with it an icy chill. So we are all suited up in several layers of smart wool, thinsulate and wind proofs. Ronnie is defrosting down below and the heating is chugging away.

Our plan is to sail north again along this coast in April but, given the August chill, it might be wise to put the return journey off until May!