Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A few moments of panic disturbed the tranquil evening approach to our anchorage at Talksfjordur when I realised we had no power in our engine starting battery. We noticed it when the Rev clock started reading zero and the ignition lights went dim. I had thought we had been charging the engine battery via the invertor but it seems this circuit had been dead all along and the battery drained by running the alternator fan. I am assuming this dead circuit is something to do with the 12 volt engine relay being controlled by the defunct alternator but I don't fully understand why this circuit failed. Anyway it was easily rectified and by the time we had the anchor down the battery  had had most of its health restored.

Ashore was lovely. Loads of bird life with Terns, Turnstones, Redshank, Ravens and Cormorants. A wonderful outdoor geothermal 25m pool, hot tub and sauna and a great restaurant serving lamb and fish. A perfect place to pause and drink in the sunset.

We took a advantage of a calm anchorage to inspect the anodes and ground plates. All done with a remote camera and all was good so no need to dive- phew!