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Monday, 7 December 2015

The aftermath of Storm Desmond

Winter storm Desmond left us with three mooring lines chaffed through and 50cm of snow on the boat cover.

Then came the blue skies and a magical winter landscape.

Much achieved this weekend. 

A trip to the hardware store to get 20 metres of polypropylene to back up the backup mooring lines. We have the most elaborate cat's cradle of lines yet.

I began the installation of the new Raymarine Evolution Pilot but rapidly decided to defer to Oscar the local technician.

We visited 3 police stations trying to find out about importing guns for next year's Greenland trip. Finally ended up with Jonas at Kopnafjordur who seems to control all the gun licensing in Iceland. It seems that a European gun licence is all we need. Failing that he will fix the papers for us to buy a gun in Iceland. From Aki we learned that we can hire in Scoreby Sound from so all is coming together.

Great weekend.