Monday, 8 February 2016

Today the police came visiting!

Five months ago I applied for my firearms license enabling me to legally own a gun and thus to travel safely in Polar Bear country. Today a very enthusiastic policeman turned up to assess my suitability to own a big game hunting rifle. Clearly the whole Dyfed Powys Police Firearms Department have been fascinated by my application which cited polar bear protection as the reason for ownership. I think he really enjoyed filling out the forms and checking back with his bosses about where I can and can’t keep the gun and where it can and can’t be used. Definitely a first for this police department! So it seems I passed the test and proved that we could use it safely and store it securely. The paperwork will go through over the next few weeks and then we can legally get back to the range and get thoroughly proficient with our chosen firearm. We need a European gun license to import it into Iceland and, of course, we have to notify the airlines of what we are carrying but we have already bought a locking gun case for flying it around the world. This summer isn't going to be an "ordinary" sailing trip!