Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Complaints from our crew

Shimshal anchored Lonafjordur

Helen and Dave, our long suffering crew, get the en suite forward cabin on Shimshal as Sally won't go near this luxury apartment once the boat starts to pitch and roll. We tuck ourselves into our aft berth which is much snugger in a rough sea and is only one step away from the heads which is always handy when maladies de la mer strikes. 

The only other down side of our forward guest berth is noise and this morning our crew were awakened at dawn, which is early in these latitudes, by ice on hull and anchor chain. Sure enough we found Helen padding the deck in her Paisley pyjamas surveying this morning's scenic miracle. Ice had formed all around us and as Shimshal swung on her mooring the whole hull resonated to the tune of a myriad splintering shards glistening in the morning sun. The anchor chain cut through and flicked chunks of ice, sending them skittering across the ice ahead. 

We awoke to a thin film of ice in Lonafjordur

Very chilly and surrounded by ice

High on the slopes above the anchorage our ski tracks of the previous day were lit up by the early morning sun. Another Arctic marvel.

Perfect snow conditions makes for great skiing

Given the perfection of the morning we didn't take our crew's complaints too seriously!

Looking south from the head of Lonafjordur

Sunset in Lonafjordur