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Friday, 17 June 2016

Ice update

In just over month we will be heading back to Iceland to begin one of our most challenging cruises. We are going to Greenland’s “Forbidden Coast”. So named for its extreme remoteness and notorious ice and weather conditions. We have been following closely the ice charts and the satellite photos and, to my inexpert eye, it looks like it is shaping up to be a good ice year. Good for us that is but not so good for the planet! South East Greenland seems already to be largely clear of ice with Prince Christian Sound already open. We are, however, paying particular attention to what is going on to the north of Iceland as we are hoping to make Scoresby Sound, at 70 degrees north, the focus for our summer cruise. Even here the melt seems to be more advanced than is usual for the time of year. We are under no illusions about the difficulties ahead of us and we are doing all that we can to make our trip as safe as possible. We have engaged the services of a land based meteorologist and ice specialist to act as our remote guide and we will have 24/7 access to his advice for the duration of our voyage. These aids Tilman didn’t have on his 4 unsuccessful attempts to reach the same destination. Watching the ice charts and satellite photos has been a fascinating experience and with each picture that we download our pluses race a little faster!

 Below is a close up of Scoresby Sound

This is a satellite taken this afternoon (17th June) of Scoresby Sound
Below is Satellite image Sunday afternoon 19th June

Below is Ice Chart 20th June 2016

Satellite photo on 21st July 2016

below is satellite photo 23rd June 2016

below: Satellite photo 24/6/16

Ice Chart Below 25/6/16

Lots of cloud around but the melt is progressing quickly 26/6/16

Below is satellite photo taken  29/6/16

Satellite below inner fjord 29/6/16

Satellite photo below was from 30/6/16

In yesterday's (3/7/2016) lovely radar image courtesy of the European  Sentinel-1 Satellite the ice flowing out of Scoresby Sound has now blocked the entrance. This image differentiates ice less than one year old (sea ice) and the brighter images showing older, thicker ice. It also has the advantage of being able to see through the cloud.


Below is Satellite image on 6th July 2016

sat photo below 13/7/16

sat photo below 13/7/16

Satellite Photo13th July 2016

Satellite photo below on 15th July 2016

Satellite photo below is 21/7/16

Ice Chart showing Scoresby Sound 15/6/16
Ice Chart below June 20th 2016

Ice Chart below is 23rd June 2016

Ice Chart 26/6/16

Ice Chart Below 29/6/16

Ice Chart Below 29/6/16
Below is Ice Chart for 3/67/2016

Below is a detailed ice chart for the middle of the east coast

Ice Chart below dated 6/7/16

Ice Chart  below 10/7/16

ice chart below 12/7/16

Ice chart below 14/7/16

Ice Chart 17/7/16

Ice Chart below is 19/8/16