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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Iridium contact details, ice & weather information

We are just setting up our various satellite phone accounts.

We can receive text messages (no attachments) sent by email to 881623460917(use the@ sign here)

We have an email address that can accept attachments of modest size and if you want to send us a file such as an ice chart or a satellite photo then please write to us on the above address and we will send you our other email address. Please compress attachments to around 100k as anything larger will clog up our system.

We can receive voice calls on ++881623460917 but please be aware calls to this number will be very expensive.

Our AIS position is displayed on this website by selecting the AIS tab

Our Satellite Track is displayed on this website by selecting the Satellite Tack tab

Ice Charts
Greenland ice charts over view
North East Greenland Ice Chart
Satellite photos of Inner Scoresby Sound
Satellite Photo of Outer Scoresby Sound

Denmark Strait Weather 
Denmark Strait Satellite Photo
Denmark Strait zoomed in satellite photo
Wind Chart for Denmark Strait
Text based forecast for West Banks (North) note wind speeds are in metres per second
Ittoqqortoormiit weather
Tasiilaq Weather
Greenland Sea Areas Weather Forecast we will be in sea area KANGKIKAJIK when we cruise to Scoresby Sound and if we go south towards Tasiilak we will be APUTITEEQ and KULUSUK (Tasiilak is jut inside Kulusuk) All wind speeds are in metres//ssecond.

We will hopefully be able to download our own detailed weather information from

Planned Route within Scoresby Sound
The intended route starts and finishes at Ittoqqortootmiit which is the only permanent inhabitation in the the Scoresby Sound which, at 300km long, is the longest fjord system in the world.
Planned rout within Scoresby Sound