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Monday, 25 July 2016

Job, jobs & more jobs!

The flight to Isafjordur is famed for the thrills of the final approach. It didn't disappoint! We flew up the narrow fjord the turned through 180 degrees before the valley ran out and then dropped onto the runway moments after coming out of the turn.

We knew we had a list of 30 jobs to do before we could sail on Tuesday and, true to form, the boat threw in some surprises. The fridge wouldn't start sending Sally into a catering crisis. We summoned a fridge engineer whereupon the fridge started. Once again the boat had fixed itself.

Next we discovered that the engine starting battery had died so on went the generator and, after a few hours, we were able to move to the dock. Today we go battery shopping.

Our crew have risen to the various challenges as we get the boat expedition ready. Furler sorted, sub aerial reconnected, solar panels on ........

Sally has been busy with Rod in the supermarkets and they quickly discovered a couple of other boats had cleaned out the supermarkets. No eggs left in Isafjordur and we took their last litre of UHT!