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Monday, 1 August 2016

Blue sky, sparkling sea and brilliant white bergs

Blue sky, sparkling sea and brilliant white bergs and what did I do? I spent the morning un-blocking the heads! No crew to blame so the skipper descended on the toilet system armed with screw drivers, hose pipes and 2 litres of vinegar. After a couple of hours dealing with disgusting fluids and limescale the plumbing succumbed and was reassembled. Hopefully now almost as good as new. Not the greatest way to spend a morning in Charcot Havn but it had to be done.

After lunch of delectable fresh baked bread risen with our, now patented, electric blanket technique, we went to get the anchor up and had another minor crisis. The starboard throttle was flashing red and wouldn't work. Luckily the port one was fine so we motored out of the bay and set sail for the northern end of Bear Island. With the engine off we opened up the control box and pressed the error cancel button whereupon everything sprung back into life. Yelps of joy as we ran downwind dodging the bergs at a safe, genoa only, pace.

For now the boat appears to be fully functional and we can sit back and enjoy a fine, sunny downwind sail amongst the islands, mountains and icebergs.