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Friday, 12 August 2016

Downhill to Reykjavik

A low south west of Iceland promises to deliver strongish southerly winds from Sunday and for most of next week. We had a chance to get in ahead of those adverse winds by sneaking out of Suderyri at 10:00 and sailing directly for Reykjavik a distance of some 168 miles. We decided to go for it. We have little or no wind but at least it is not against us. So, once again, we find ourselves motoring to maintain speed and hopefully this will allow us to get in to Reykjavik ahead of the strong stuff from the south.

Lightly daubed with mist Iceland's rugged West Coast rolls past us as we lumber southwards with a following swell. Once again we are all sad to be racing to get ahead of the weather but, sadly, we are still sailing to a timetable and flights home and returns to work can't be gambled with.

Already though we are making plans for our return to Reykjavik. Some mountain biking sounds attractive and maybe hire a car to go and explore the lovely bits of Iceland we are sailing past. For certain there will be cafes and swimming pools and a modest list of boat jobs to keep us occupied!