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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Our Furthest North: 71 06N 25 39W

The sail north from Charcot Bay to Jyttes Havn was, without risk of exaggeration, the most spectacular cruise we have ever done. We drifted north with the breeze behind us under genoa alone through sparkling blue seas and glistening icebergs. The shark's fin shaped mountain on one of the Bear Islands gave us a constant and accurate landmark with which to navigate as the charts here are a mile or more out.

Dodging ice bergs and growlers as we went we headed north towards the sound between Milne Land and Bear Island. A great calving glacier swept down to the west of us but, most entrancing of all, were the the noble spires and towers of the Cathedral Ranges glowing in the evening sun ahead and to the north.

Through the sound we continued north, past our planned anchorage, to enjoy the full majesty of our surroundings. At 71 06N 25 39W, our most northerly terminus on this cruise, we were able to see down the the sun soaked northern ramparts of Milne Land separated by the narrow fjord from the even more magnificent cliffs and spires of Ren Land. A mighty corridor of blue fjord littered with bergs of every conceivable shape and size.

Turning south we crept into Jyttes Havn passing the rock skerries at the entrance and then hooked east to get shelter from the bergs and sea behind a rocky spit. We anchored in 13m and dug the hook well in as we plan to stay here for a while exploring this wonderland.