Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Gorgeous Garvellachs

When the weather comes good then the place to be is the Scottish Islands and Highlands. We had a perfect 36 hour weather window on Monday and Tuesday. 

Tim, our team motivator, made sure that we ignored the morning mists and had our boats in the water ready for the afternoon sunshine. The sun came out on queue and we pointed our kayaks at the delicious Garvellach Islands - the little known jewels of the Hebridean Sea.


A light wind ruffled the water and the tide pushed us towards the green and lovely Garvellachs. We camped where St Columba had landed and where he buried his mother. Wild flowers, otters, seals, fine views and solitude were reward for our efforts. Fantastic.


The place was perfect as was the paddle home to Traighuaine through the Grey Dogs, the Sound of Luing with a couple of sea eagles along the way.