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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sunday 17th May Rodham to Degerby

Log 12 Miles. Sally, Simon & Carol

Having had contrary winds for most of the way thus far and with a forecast for more of the same we were anxious to top up our fuel tanks before leaving Finland for Gotland. Our guest harbours guide suggested that the marina at Degerby would be open and that we could get fuel. In fact it was closed until the 10th June and no fuel is available on Sundays. We went alongside the deserted jetty where there was plenty of depth. When the cafe opened the next day we were able to get the key for showers and toilets. We took the bicycles ashore and cycled out to a 14th century church on the island of Foglo. The domes and spires gave it a very eastern European appearance reminding us that we were now very close to Russia.

Back at the boat I siphoned the water out of our redundant 600 litre tank directly into the bilge thus getting rid of our port list that we had carried ever since Oxelosund where the overzealous boat yard had filled the wrong tank. We had also had a recurring problem with the toilet whereby it would, intermittently, refuse to prime. I had dismantled it, cleaned and oiled it on several occasions only to find that it would work a few times and then fail. Eventually I hit upon the idea of gluing a couple of washers to the clean water outlet valve to “encourage” it to close more effectively. Thus far a bit of araldite and a couple of stainless washers appear to have done the trick so we are keeping our fingers crossed.