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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Monday 18th May, Degerby to Sandvik Marina on Kokar.

Log 23 miles. Sally Simon and Carol.

The fuel station opened at 0830 and they lent us a trolley so we bought 120 litres of diesel and siphoned 85 litres into the tank. Excellent showers then got rid of the oily residue. We drifted off the dock at about 1045 and motored north east against a light but contrary wind. As we turned south for Kokar Island the wind did so as well. We were passed by many large ferries going from Stockholm to Turku as well as several smaller inter island ferries. By the afternoon the sun had gone behind some high cloud and the forecast rain arrived by early evening.

Sandvik, our last Finnish port, was deserted and all ashore was locked up so we took the dinghy on a 12 km round trip in to find some sign of life. We went down  the very narrow sound that forms the eastern shore of Kokar and passed under a bridge to emerge at another guest harbour and an open restaurant. To our surprise the proprietor agreed to cook us a meal and she proved most hospitable. The excellent lamb and warm, welcoming atmosphere meant that we didn’t mind too much when the rain arrived and it came time to climb into the dinghy for the return trip. 

The excellent restaurant on Kokar

Back at the boat we prepared for the 130 mile crossing to Gotland by deflating the tender and stowing it in the cockpit. The forecast was for fog and light head winds.