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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuesday 19th May, Kokar to Gotland.

Red Backed Shrike hitching a lift south through the Baltic

Log 150 miles, Sally, Simon & Carol

A very grey, drizzly and windless start to the day. We left at 0450 and motored, once again, out of the harbour before turning south and then south west for Gotland. Our last views of Finland were of low rocks melting into the foggy murk. The wind was a feeble 3-5 knots from the south west and, once again we were forced to motor making the journey long and monotonous. We were visited by some migrating birds en route which we eventually identified as red backed shrikes and spotted fly catchers. They stayed with us most of the way leaving deposits all around the companionway. The Quantum of Solace was shown in the afternoon but Carol and Sally remained dutifully on watch.

By night the fog was back and the flycatcher had died. We considered dodging into an anchorage on the north side of Faro as the passage through Faro Sound was partly unlit and very narrow. Fortunately the fog cleared a couple of miles north of Gotland and we docked in Farosund Marina at 0328.