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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thursday 21st May 2009 Farosund to Herrvik on Gotland

Log 30 miles. Sally, Simon & Carol.

The winds, though light, were, as usual coming from exactly the wrong direction so once again we motored the entire route to Herrvik which is a tiny fishing community on the eastern most point of Gotland. 

Along the way we saw a Sea Eagle being mobbed by 3 Terns and later a pair of Goosander. 

We were uncertain about the depth of water available in the Guest Harbour at Herrvik but, as it happens the depth was of no consequnce as the entrance was too narrow for us to get in anyway. That's a first! Instead we docked along side the tyre clad fishing wharf and went for lunch at the delightful Krog on the southern side of the harbour.

Gotland is an entirely limestone island that popped up out of the Baltic after the last Ice Age and is characterised by limestone cliffs and reefs. It also has Europe's largest cement factory. The walk around the headland south of the harbour gave spectacular views of the coast, the orchid strewn heathland and the pine forest.

Orchids above the limestone cliffs of Gotland

Orchids above the limestone cliffs of Gotland


Sally having been inspired by watching the film Australia!