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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pressing on westwards whilst the wind is right

We examined a lot of weather information last night and decided to use the fine weather and favourable winds to get around the north west cape as we know stronger winds and rain are on their way later this week.

Accordingly we are now gliding along with a 15 knot breeze on the beam. Sally is on watch and has made herself lunch and is reading. Even she admits she finally has her sea legs!

Ronnie stocked the boat with fresh croissant from the bakery this morning and did the 6 stop carry from the fuel station to replenish our fuel supplies.

I am wrestling with some boaty problems which continue to appear that are so far eluding permanent solutions. I'm hopeful that we will find a marine electrical engineer in Isafjordur during our bad weather stop. We seem to have a recurrence of an alternator charging problem we had in 2012. I tried replacing the regulator with a spare we carry but no joy thus far. Fortunately we can charge by generator and wind so can get by in the short term. 

Also the Raymarine stuff is unpredictable. Today we have an autopilot but yesterday we didn't. Fitting the spare flux gate compass didn't seem to fix it so it's back to the dreaded help line when we can get a Skype connection. 

I am delighted to say most other things are working fine and I am particularly delighted the crew now seem impervious to the effects of wobbly boats!